Mom’s Group Talk

With running errands for your family, to keeping up with your home, to making sure your kids balance school and hobbies, who has time to worry about the unexpected or go to a lecture about it?

Kids Protection Seminar

In the free Kids Protection Seminar, you will learn how to know your kids would always be raised by people you want in the way you want and have immediate, protected access to your money.

Guardian Nomination Workshop

Did you know.69% of parents have not named legal guardians for their children. Of the 31% who have, most have made one of 6 common mistakes.That means that if you have minor children at home…

Estate Planning Presentation for Families or Professionals

Would you like to know exactly what estate planning is? Think you don’t need estate planning? Do you serve clients who need estate planning? Palm Desert Law Group, APC attorney, Pantea I.