Business Planning

Thorough Business Counseling is Essential to Ensure Asset Protection throughout the Formation and Reorganization of Businesses into Partnerships, LLCs, and Corporations, Contract Review and Drafting.

Wealth and Estate Planning

Protect Your Legacy and Family through a Smooth, Successful Transition of Wealth for Generations to Come.
Protection of Your Business Assets and Integration Into an Overall Estate Plan is Essential to Successful Transition of Wealth

Employment Law

Protection of Your Business Assets with Human Resources Guidance and Employment Litigation When You Need It.

Real Estate Law

We Prepare, Seek Justice, Resolve Disputes and Represent You through Lease Review and Drafting, Real Estate Lawsuits, and Preparation of Legal Notices.

At the Palm Desert Law Group, we are devoted to helping you excel in all aspects of your professional life.
To do so, we practice in the area of business law, estate & wealth planning, employment, and real estate law.
Review of your employment and independent contractor agreements
Easing the stress of tenant evictions
We walk you through the legal processes of starting your own business and protecting your personal assets, including the formation of partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.
In addition to assisting you successfully set up and run your business, the attorneys at Palm Desert Law Group also love the challenge of estate planning.

Whether you are retired and thinking about how best to pass on your assets to your children or grandchildren with minimal court intervention and costs after your death, or newly blessed with young children whose care you would like to ensure in the unfortunate event of your own passing, the attorneys at Palm Desert Law Group explain and help you select the best options for you and your family.

After legal business formation, we can not only assist you with maintaining the corporate formalities that are vital to your asset protection, but also aid in the preparation and review of your employment and independent contractor agreements, general contract preparation and review, the creation of employment guidelines and handbooks, and business and employment litigation.​
Finally, the attorneys at the Palm Desert Law Group know that while many of those in the Coachella Valley who lease their real estate properties have little or no issues with their tenants, sometimes they have no choice but to go through the eviction process to get rid of non-paying and/or otherwise non-compliant tenants.

The attorneys at the Palm Desert Law Group can take the stress out of this process and help you evict your bad tenants with little hassle.


I want to congratulate you for making it here and taking the first step toward planning for everyone and everything you love. I cherish the opportunity to help secure what you love for the people you love. I look forward to learning your story, hearing what matters to you, and helping you to discover what’s actually needed to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you (or them). We specialize in estate planning and business to achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to jump right in, please schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session or, if you’re a business owner, schedule a LIFT Your Life and Business Planning Session by calling us at 760-674-7175 or emailing us at

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For now, get comfortable, take a look around our website and call us to help you plan for everyone and everything you love.

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